some info for you about our TCG game

 This site here - ingers tcggame is my privat TCG to play .
We have now a new Wordpress site for this game org by Cris. Link you see on my menü.
You need an inlog dates there...the new WP is little more "smaller" to use for all members.
What do you need to play:
You must build an own privat site for your TCG..with this following pages:
cards what you collect - mastercards - certifikates - wishcards - Members - about you and Events.
more pages can you do as you like of course! The little rules for the game - are on our WP.

All members are trying to be active and ..we all can posting there on our WP and do our entries,
our events  new cardsets and so on..

Welcome new members ♥

The TCG game is running from 2007 - builded by Thala from paintmydreams.
sooo very long time...and some members are joining from the beginning !